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Building a Garden

There are a lot of new people entering the world of gardening and sometimes we just don't know where to begin. Although this article is centered around a vegetable garden the process is also valid for any flower bed.

We'll make the assumption that you've already decided where to put your new garden and that it is getting at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Most vegetables will require full sun to really thrive.

Clear the Ground

Let's strart by clearing the area of debris and other plant matter. Cut down any bushes or shrubs that may be in the area. We'll attcak the roots as we get to them. Clear area

Really can't tell much from the picture but this is the area I've chosen to prepare a new garden bed.

This is just outside my existing vegetable garden and will eventually be incorporated into it.

Since I started this expansion at the end of the summer, there is a section already completed and producing lettuce.

Part of the area I'll be working on is already been worked a bit before but it won't hurt to do this again. In fact, it will help the area that has not been touched yet.

Dig it Out

You can begin digging out your garden in any fashion you wish. I'm a little more systematic than most. I'll start by digging out a strip along one edge. In this case it will be along the existing garden fence. Because of some obstacles I'm not ready to tackle, this section will be about 8' wide by 9' feet long.

The first part of this strip digs out easy because it's been dug before but it's still somewhat compacted. As I get to the end I'll start hitting some roots from the bushes that were in this spot and the surrounding trees. Some of the roots will be from trees that were taken down at an earler time but we won't be dealing with any stumps.Roots

Clear the roots

Once the first strip is dug out with the shovel, I go back and use a spade to square up the outside edge and cut the roots. There aren't any large roots in this area so there's no need to bring out the axe, saw or even the pruners.

I'm not too concerned about the roots where I still have to dig, just the ones protruding into the area from the outside. On this edge they are actually coming from my vegetable garden and won't be attached to anyghing on the other side.

Now I'll make another strip down the end of the garden area. Following that with one across the front edge and then along the other end going back to where I started. Edge Trench

This will give me a trench around the new garden bed that is about 1 to 2 shovels deep. You can go more but I'd say one full shovel depth at the minimum.

So far all the dirt taken out of this garden bed is being piled up just to the left of the bed. We'll need this later to help fill in the garden bed.


Prins Claus Species Crocus-10 bulbs
Long Lady Single Late Tulip-10 bulbs
Mixed Dahlia-6 root divisions
Aloha Cactus Dahlia-3 root divisions
White Thalia Triandrus Daffodil-10 bulbs
Francoise Darwin Hybrid Tulip-10 bulbs
Alaska Shasta Daisy-10 root divisions
Ivory Queen Allium-5 bulbs
Bumble Bee Daylily-10 root divisions
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