Evergreen Ground Cover for Slopes

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evergreen ground cover

There many different types of ground cover. Several are evergreen ground covers. Some are deciduous but will grow and fill in rapidly each year.

Purple Wintercreeper is an excellent choice as an evergreen ground cover plant. I say evergreen but the leaves actually turn purple in the winter.

This plant is hardy in zones 4-8 and will take full sun to full shade. The growth habit of Wintercreeper is reported as 4" - 6" tall but I have some that is over 12". Purple Wintercreeper will spread indefinitely by rooting stems and forms a bushy mat. It can spread quite rapidly once established and will climb vertical surfaces if given the chance.

Although Purple Wintercreeper will flower they are usually very sparse and barely noticeable. It can be pruned to grow within a specific growing area or just let it go to cover larger areas.

Blue Rug Juniper

Low growing shrubs like Junipers are a widely used type of ground cover plant that is evergreen. Blue Rug Juniper is a moderate grower and requires very little care and can tolerate poor soils. The Blue Rug Juniper needs full sun and well drained soils. Most Junipers are slow to moderate growers.


Vinca Minor, Periwinkle, is a shade tolerant evergreen ground cover plant. It is an ideal selection for shady areas like under trees where grass has a problem growing. In May, Periwinkle is covered in lavendar blue flowers. It grows to about 4 or 5 inches tall and tolerates poor soil. An ideal selection for slopes, rock gardens, beneath shrubs and other shady areas. growers.


Several varieties of herbs will also create an evergreen ground cover for slopes and other areas.

There are several herbs in the picture to the left. Not all of them are good ground covers. The predominant evergreen types of ground cover are Thyme and Oregano.thyme

Ornamental GrassOrnamental grassess are also used as ground cover. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Pampas Grass is a large variety growing up to about 8 feet tall in most cases. The Blue Fescue on the other hand, is normally less than a foot high. Most decorative grasses take little care but some people like to cut back the pampas grass from time to time.

FestucaFestuca or commonly known as Blue Fescue ornamental grass can be planted in masses to form a ground cover. Planted in full sun, Festuca will tolerate drought and dry to moist soils. Division of the clumps may be needed peridically and should be done in the Spring.

Here's a small list of ground covers  although not all of them are evergreen.

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